Single spot for doctors’ data

Independent practice gives you control over the amount of time you spend with patients and the clinical treatments you provide, but how do you maintain control of all your information and use it to advance your practice? 

This is where The Private Practice Register comes into its own, explains Fiona Booth.

Do you know where to find all the different documents you need to apply for private medical insurer recognition or renew your hospital practising privileges? 

What about the appraisal information necessary to revalidate and maintain your licence to practise? Or evidence of your expertise such as published articles, qualifications and clinical interests that will help attract new referrals? 

Locating that one, all-important certificate in time can become a bit of a scramble, while a change of address or bank might entail hours of calls and emails to ensure that these details are updated on all the relevant systems. 

The Private Practice Register (The PPR) is Healthcode’s smart solution to this challenge. An efficient and secure way to collate information and share it when appropriate so that organisations have the correct details about your practice and you can continue to focus on patients.