Rise in phone calls indicates recovery

 By Leslie Berry

‘Private practice is bouncing back’ is the message from private practice management services company Designated Medical.

It reports a ‘buzz in the air’ in recent weeks following its busiest time for many months as consultants’ practices experience more inquiries and bookings.

Greater patient confidence as more people get vaccinated against the pandemic are one reason for the upturn. They are happier about making their long-awaited medical appointments. 

Designated Medical believes the most obvious indicator of a bounce-back in the private healthcare sector was the number of calls received from patients inquiring about appointments. 

In a message to clients, it said: ‘The increase in call volumes during February and the early part of March has reassured us that we are starting to see an increase in the confidence of patients who are now looking to book their medical appointments after many months of waiting. 

‘During the last week of February, our call volumes were 40% higher than in the first week of February and the first week of March has been our busiest week this year.’

It added: ‘Our experience definitely supports the view expressed in the Independent Practitioner Today on 2 March which reported optimism of a significant bounce-back in private practice this year. 

‘They quoted statistics from a survey poll recently undertaken by the MDDUS, stating that six in ten of the private clinicians who responded to the survey expected to see their volume of work increase in 2021. 

‘This positive view is welcomed, particularly as 52% of the clinicians reported that their private work had dropped by more than half because of Covid-19.

‘This is encouraging news for everyone in private healthcare and most importantly for patients who will be able to source the expertise and care they need.’