PHIN asks doctors to submit fee data

Consultants are to be reminded they are legally obliged to provide their fee information to the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN).

The organisation is now stepping up its contact with specialists following a break during Covid-19.

PHIN has been limiting communications with consultants because so many of them were focused on addressing the pandemic over the last year.

But following the recent reduction of Covid-19 admissions to hospitals and the successful progress of the vaccination programme, it has decided to begin the process of re-engaging consultants. 

This comes ahead of a website relaunch this year, with consultants encouraged to make sure they are searchable on the new site, with more patients expected to search for the right private healthcare services for their care. 

The design of the new website has been informed by research with patients and patient groups, with patients expressing a preference for a ‘consultant-first’ search. 

Anne Coyne

Patients want details of the services offered by consultants and the locations at which they provide care, as well as information about treatment costs, starting with a consultation. 

PHIN’s consultant relationship manager Anne Coyne said: ‘This has been a difficult year for consultants and their colleagues. We felt it was right to provide consultants with some space to allow them to support the huge effort to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. With the end of the pandemic now hopefully in sight, we think this is a right time to start engaging again. 

‘With PHIN’s new website launching later this year, we want to encourage all consultants working in private practice to be able to showcase themselves to people considering private treatment. 

‘We are always here to help consultants to create and improve their profiles and ensure that information about their fees is up to date.

‘We will also be reminding consultants who have yet to submit fee information that they have a legal obligation to do so.’ 

Any consultants with concerns or questions about PHIN and their obligations can contact the Consultant Relationship Team at