Private GPs suffer Covid swab and jab bureacracy

Private GPs complain of an administrative headache around regulation of Covid-19 PCR swab-taking.

This was under the Care Quality Commission’s scope, but has become the Independent Doctors Federation’s main issue after its transfer to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. 

President Dr Neil Haughton said: ‘The paperwork involved is prohibitive and almost impossible to fulfil and many practices are struggling to comply. 

‘This is an ongoing current issue and we are still in the process of lobbying the Department of Health to reduce the onerous bureaucracy involved, but at present this is unchanged.’

Private GPs lobbied ‘at the highest level’ to give Covid vaccinations but their patients have had to register with the NHS for this.

He said considerable effort was made to allow private practitioners and their staff access to the vaccine in line with guidelines.