How to find the best computer system

Technology should help and not hinder your business, but unfortunately some practices struggle daily with an inefficient IT set-up that they have outgrown or which never really met their needs. So how can you ensure you are able to get the best from a practice management system? Healthcode’s Kingsley Hollis shares these essential dos and don’ts. 

Do start close to home  

Before focusing on technology, carry out an honest appraisal of your practice business and consider what aspects require improvement. 

For example:

Cash. Poor cash flow is one of the commonest causes of company insolvency. To avoid this fate, it is essential to bill promptly and accurately to avoid queries and disputes, track payments effectively and re-allocate shortfalls.

Patient administration. Provid–ing an efficient and responsive service throughout the patient’s journey helps build your reputation and attract more referrals.

Communication. Reliable, efficient and secure lines of communication are an operational necessity, from managing correspondence with patients to staying in touch with other members of the practice team and sharing clinical information when appropriate. 

Information. Accurate, relevant and up-to-date business intelligence about your financial position and current trends supports rational decision-making.

Use this assessment to determine your business priorities and focus on the technology that addresses these goals.

Do test your current IT set-up