How to be a flexible working winner!

Jane Braithwaite explores the topic of flexible working and how we can use it to our benefit within the healthcare sector, focusing on what it means for employers and employees.

She covers how to manage a remote team, the technology that enables efficient remote working, and how to ensure you reap the benefits of a flexible working policy.

Caring for and treating sick patients requires face-to-face contact and, clearly, our healthcare organisations must be built around this capability. But 2020 taught us there are many aspects of healthcare that can be managed without the need for us to be together in the same location. 

We have learned these lessons in a crisis-type situation having to adapt incredibly quickly, with no clarity on the time-scales involved and huge uncertainty as to what the next challenge might be. 

The principles of flexible working have been accepted by organisations for some time, but the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated its adoption hugely and it has been an absolute necessity in many situations. 

Adoption of these new working practices has been sudden and dramatic and a terrible upheaval for many, who have found their working and professional circumstances altered drastically. 

But we have learned that flexible working, in the right environment, managed in the right way, can offer benefits. 

Great benefits