The danger of too much showing off

Social media is, by nature, social – and like any social gathering, there are not only rules dictating acceptable conduct, but also ‘unwritten rules’ that encourage success. Nikki Milovanovic focuses on two classic faux pas in online self-promotion.

We’ve all had the real-life encounters with those tiresome individuals who drone on about their experiences, expertise and achievements – mostly because they never stop talking. 

But how many of us genuinely want to listen to, or engage with, those who speak exclusively about themselves? 

These individuals may appear to have an entourage, but I’d argue their audiences are comprised of four distinct groups: 

  1. Those who care;
  2. Those who don’t;
  3. Those who joined because they saw a large group of people; 
  4. Those wondering how they got stuck listening – and how they can extricate themselves. 

While it’s universally agreed that such boorish behaviour in our social lives is intolerable – or, at least, unlikely to win you any friends or repeat invites – somehow, this knowledge has failed to translate to social media.

This is largely because it’s widely thought that the tools to success are right at everyone’s fingertips, making expertise seem just a few clicks away; and because the whole point seems to be ‘getting your brand out there’.

In my experience, it’s wise to focus on generating engaging promotional content to help your private health clinic or service get the attention they deserve, organically, and for the right reasons.