A new dawn in my fight for justice

Surgeon Mr David Sellu, convicted for gross negligence manslaughter of a private patient – overturned on appeal after a 30-month prison sentence – finishes his serialised story with events following his release from jail.

I came out of prison in February 2015, but was not allowed to travel abroad until May 2016, the end of my sentence. 

For a 30-month prison sentence, I had served half, or 15 months, behind bars and would do the remainder out in the community on licence. 

Travel was nevertheless permitted to other destinations in the country with prior arrangement with the approval of my probation officer. 

I was required to see my probation officer once a month and was obliged to inform him every time I left home if I was going to stay the night elsewhere. This served as a constant reminder that I was still a prisoner. 

Permission to leave home

If I infringed these conditions, I would be arrested and returned to prison. My wife Catherine and I decided to go to Hayling Island for one night during the summer of 2015 and she did the booking online. 

My usual probation officer was away at the time, but he had informed me that he did not want me to seek permission to go away but merely to inform him where I was going, for the record. 

He had warned me during our previous meeting that he would be taking time off to go on holiday, but would pass my case to his deputy. I rang the deputy on the morning of our proposed departure and was subjected to intense interrogation. 

What was my full name? What was the crime I was serving time for? Where was I going? How were we going to get there? What were the precise address and the phone number of the hotel we were going to stay in? Did we have any connections there? What were the precise day, date and time I would be returning home? And much more.