The art of remaining in total obscurity

There are ways for independent practitioners to do PR – but if you really want to crash and burn, check out the advice from Tingy Simoes.

There are many ‘How to succeed in PR’ books out there – I should know, I’ve written one myself!  But what if – and hear me out – you wanted to know the secrets of failure? And not just trip over in your publicity efforts, but do so spectacularly? 

For you, your prayers have been answered. I am here for those who want to know exactly what NOT to do and succeed in not publicising your practice favourably; how to achieve media obscurity and alienate journalists; how to produce stories that will not only not gain attention, but actively earn press disdain. I am here to reveal the closely guarded mysteries of those who you probably won’t ever hear from.

So, let’s get instantly down to business. Some who have read me before or have listened to me speak at events may have heard me mention the healthcare public relations ‘Holy Trinity’; the ingredients to the secret sauce of publicity victory, if you will. I like to summarise them as Science, Numbers and People.

Shall we begin with science, one of the key tenets? To achieve abject disappointment in your marketing endeavours: ignore it. Ensure that you do not have any particular breakthrough – clinical or medically interesting – to announce.