Telehealth and consultations by video are here to stay

The Future of Healthcare webinar series was a five-week programme featuring a line-up of healthcare practitioners from around the Asia Pacific and Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions. Tim Morris reports.

In a recent survey by Elsevier to understand how Covid-19 has impacted the work of over 700 healthcare professionals, the majority of the doctors noted that telemedicine had become the norm, especially for general practitioners, who have been conducting remote consultations from their homes

Presenters from across the globe have been outlining how their countries and hospitals rose to the challenges presented by Covid-19. 

Discussions at the Elsevier-hosted event focused on understanding the role of technological innovations and digital disruption, while outlining the importance of healthcare quality and safety. Essentially, how to improve the healthcare systems for a sustainable future.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK has needed to revaluate the healthcare system, redesign models of care delivery and refresh the healthcare workforce in the light of the experience gained in recent months. 

My report summarises the key take-aways from the webinar sessions and discusses how a knowledge-driven care framework will be the beacon in navigating this new reality for consultants and GPs in private practice in the UK.

Putting patients at the heart of healthcare 

Digital health and medical technologies, including healthcare personalisation delivery via smartphones and online consultation, are seemingly shifting the perception from disease to healthy lifestyle management.