Securing the future of electronic billing

Healthcode’s managing director Peter Connor reacts to doctors who have criticised the introduction of charges for its electronic bill Clearing Service and explains why a free service is no longer sustainable.

Peter Connor

Last month, I had to make a difficult announcement to the independent practitioners who submit electronic bills to private medical insurers through Healthcode’s online Clearing Service. 

After nearly 20 years, it has become necessary to charge for this service to secure its future.

Of course, I was fully aware that this news would disappoint practitioners that have an account with us. There is never a good time to introduce fees. And we held back from making the change as long as possible in recognition of the impact of Covid-19. But we had reached the point when further delay would have been irresponsible. 

Only by putting the Clearing Service on a firm commercial footing can we prevent it becoming a victim of its own success. 

Let me explain. Healthcode was established to develop an electronic billing solution for the private healthcare sector, but we recognised the need for something more sophisticated than a simple online postal service.