Outsourcing may be your best bet

The billing and especially chasing side of private practice is not something medical secretaries enjoy, and they are often happy to relinquish responsibility for this task

Outsourcing private practice medical billing and collection has become an increasingly common option for consultants. Simon Brignall discusses some of the most common reasons why this is the case.

Over the past decade, there has been three distinct trends in private healthcare:

1. The rise and rise of the self-pay patient;

2. An increase in the number of consultants working in groups;

3. A growth in outsourcing the medical billing and collection side of the practice.

As I have covered the first two trends in previous articles this year (August and April), I turn to the third, highlighting the main reasons why consultants, groups and clinics are choosing to outsource this key role.

Splitting the practice into clinical care and finance

Probably the most important, and often overlooked, benefit from outsourcing is that your medical secretary can maintain a clinical relationship with the patient that is not hampered by the business side of the practice.