Revival views clash

By Robin Stride

Private providers’ predictions of ‘strong growth’ in domestic self-pay next year are being downplayed by consultants in private practice.

According to an ‘industry barometer’ survey from the Indep­endent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN), its members anticipate a 2021 change in fortunes in NHS PPUs and the private sector.

The hospitals and clinics trade body reported: ‘Almost six in ten respondents (58%) to IHPN’s barometer reported to feel very positively or positively about the market environment for providers of NHS-funded services, with a similar percentage (55%) feeling very positively or positively about the domestic self-pay market.’

Respondents were ‘senior leaders’ in the independent healthcare sector, but it later emerged there were just 25 of them and they represented ‘around a 40% response rate’.

Slower return to normal

The Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO) warned the return of private practice to pre-Covid levels would take years rather than months.