Keep your seat belt on – it’s not over yet!

Hold tight! It’s been a rollercoaster ride in private practice for over six months now, and the peaks and troughs are surely set to continue, says Jane Braithwaite.

The world of private practice is ever-evolving and this year has been more transforming than ever before. It’s best described as a rollercoaster ride with more fear than thrills. 

I am sure many of my colleagues in private healthcare might use slightly stronger language to describe the challenges that we have all faced. 

From the perspective of the patient, the impact of Covid has been enormously significant in their ability to utilise the services we offer and many potential patients will be suffering in silence, too anxious to go out into the world to address the symptoms they are experiencing. 

Only time will reveal the true extent of this. Many patients who were receiving, or due to receive, treatment in the early part of 2020 have suffered delays in treatment and this is going to be an ongoing problem for some time to come as we struggle to catch up.

Rise of telehealth

The rapid increase in telehealth during lockdown was initially a challenge for many consultants, private GPs and patients, but has been a success in many respects and looks set to continue into the longer term.