Exemption for a mask

‘Business Dilemmas’ 

Dr Ellie Mien

A patient who wants a consultant’s letter excusing him from wearing a face covering raises a number of issues, tackled here by Dr Ellie Mein





Dilemma 1

Do I sign note for his employer?

Q I am a private respiratory consultant who recently had a request from one of my patients with sleep apnoea. The patient had sent an email and called my secretary several times to ask for an urgent letter stating that, due to his underlying condition, he was unable to wear a face covering at work. 

In one of his emails, he stated that his workplace was insisting he wear a facemask despite his explanation that he was exempt, as he had a breathing problem. 

I feel uncomfortable about writing such a letter, as I do not feel the patient’s condition prevented the use of a face covering.

What should I do?