Don’t let your good name be damaged

Building your brand takes time and there are a lot of ways you can accidentally damage it. Simon Marett shows how you can ruin it all.

Building a strong brand in healthcare has never been more important. Over time, a brand that has been nurtured and taken care of can make the difference between a successful healthcare business and one that is struggling. 

With technology and the Covid pandemic driving change across the healthcare sector, patients and customers have never had so much choice. It is therefore vital to invest time and resources in your brand and not to damage it.  

But if you really don’t want to maintain your brand’s strength in the marketplace, here is a quick check list of actions or behaviours you can do to cause it real harm.

1 First impressions count: Underestimate the power of design and branding

First impressions count in every walk of life and private healthcare is no exception. Investing time and resources in the design of your logo, visual identity and website is vital if you want to make a good first impression with patients, especially if you are positioning your company as a premium brand. 

Good design does not need to cost the earth and there are now tools and technology available that can help you such as Canva, Squarespace and WordPress.

2 Neglect to map your patient journey in detail

Creating, documenting and communicating the journey your patients will go through from pre-consultation through to post-treatment is essential. 

Not investing the time from the outset to detail this journey will only result in confusion, miscommunication and errors that will ultimately result in a poor patient experience and damage your brand.

3 Overpromise and under-deliver