Getting your team on board

Every single interaction with your patient has an impact on their experience of your practice, either positive or negative. It is vital that every member of your team who interacts with your patients is engaged and motivated to care for them in the manner that you believe delivers the most positive patient experience. 

But how do you ensure that everyone shares your vision, enthusiasm, passion and motivation? How do you communicate your goals to your team? 

In the fourth article in her series, Jane Braithwaite explores the engagement of your team in delivering the most positive patient experience for your patients. 

When you are aiming to ensure that every patient experience is of the highest quality, you need to ensure that you identify and engage everyone that interacts with your patients and consider them as part of your patient team. 

This may well be a much wider team than you have considered previously.

For example, your receptionist, who is the first physical point of contact for your patients and greets them as they anxiously arrive for their first appointment, is part of your team, but may well be employed by a hospital or clinic and not directly accountable to you. 

Your team also includes those responsible for your marketing, including the design and development of your website, which plays a key role in communicating and interacting with your patients. If you are running a hospital or a large clinic, then every employee needs to feel engaged with your patient experience strategy. 

Every encounter matters