Assessing child’s rash via a video

‘Business Dilemmas’ 

Dr Kathryn Leask

The rise in video consultations raises an issue about the storing of digital images in medical records. Dr Kathryn Leask responds.





Dilemma 1

Can I ask mother to send a photo?

Q I am a private paediatrician and have increased the number of video consultations I do following the coronavirus outbreak. 

Before the pandemic, I had a child under my care who had allergies and eczema. I have been contacted by the child’s mother who is concerned about a rash the child has recently developed over her body including the genital area, but is otherwise very well. 

The mother has asked me to see the child by video, as she is not currently staying at their home address. However, I am concerned about carrying out a video consultation of the rash, as this would include having to view the genital area. 

Would it be better to ask the mother to send a photograph of the rash to my professional email account, which could then be stored in the clinical records, followed by a telephone consultation?