An electric car to rival Tesla’s whizz

Doctor on the Road

Due to lockdown, we were not allowed in the car with him, so our motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer got this car to rave about all to himself.

As medics, we spend our working lives balancing risk. Every clinical decision we make is based on the prevailing evidence-based science. But every patient is an individual with a unique set of circumstances and there is no single solution to any presenting problem.

Running a business as an independent practitioner is also risky. Investment as an early adopter of new technology and procedures or big premises investment can make or break a private practice. If a high risk pays off though, the rewards can be great.

In the automotive world, a certain risk-taker invested heavily in the future of electric vehicles. He stood against all the huge established manufacturers and put most of his own wealth on the line. His name is Elon Musk and his gamble seems to have been rewarded. 

Tesla is a hugely successful car company and the Model S, launched in the UK in 2014, remains the definitive premium all-electric saloon that all main-stream car makers are trying to emulate. It has also become popular, quite rightly, with many independent practitioners. 

No competition

There has been no car, at this upper level of the market, that has been able to compete with the Model S. Until now. 

Porsche has launched its eagerly awaited all-electric Taycan model – pronounced Tie-can. As you would suspect from a company like Porsche, the Taycan has been thoroughly developed over the last few years to be a superbly engineered, well built, good-looking four-door coupé that drives like a sports car.