Union carps about Covid

By Leslie Berry

Surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ trade union The Confederation of British Surgery (CBS) has hit out at ‘fake news’ that healthcare workers are dying at the same rate as the general population during the pandemic.

Consultant plastic surgeon and CBS founding member Mr Mark Henley said it was a fallacy which kept getting amplified ‘as if this was somehow a relief’.

Mr Mark Henley

He said: ‘Health workers have historically, in fact, much lower death rates but this has climbed by a staggering 26% in just a few months. The fact that we have not lost anyone in some of the specialties considered to be most at risk – for example, anaesthetists and intensivists – is fantastic, but it only reinforces the fact that the rest of the health team is simply not adequately protected.’

The CBS has also criticised ‘jingoistic ‘war-like’ language’ that has been used to described health workers caring for Covid-19 patients.