‘L’ is for leaving lockdown: lessons in IT security

The building blocks of accountancy

Julia Burn continues with her A-Z of top tips from the accountant’s desk. This month she turns to a – very topical ‘L’.

L is for Leaving Lockdown

– lessons in IT security 

As I write this, it is still not clear to many independent practitioners when they will be approaching some sort of normality

Recent polls in the media show that many members of the public fear that releasing the lockdown is too early, so will they visit practitioners anyway? This is reflected in the low numbers contacting GP surgeries and, indeed, turning up at A&E.

With the return to normality likely to be a gradual one as various lockdown restrictions ease, it is important to revisit financial forecasts and amend them as you get greater clarity on levels of

This may mean you need to revisit your cash flow requirements and apply for either a bounce-back loan or make an application for a Corona­virus Bus­iness Interrup­tion Loan. Both schemes remain open. 

Also, part-time work may be more appropriate for your staff and their taking advantage of the flexible job retention scheme should also be explored.