Lockdown is the time to plan for the future

Times have been tough, but begin the fightback by taking the opportunity now to secure the success of your private practice for the future. Jane Braithwaite offers ten tips.

I believe it is now time for doctors working in private practice and owners of private healthcare businesses to be more positive. 

The future of private practice promises to be positive and will bounce back much more quickly than other business sectors. Compared to the hospitality sector, for example, we are in a relatively good position. 

As we all know, the situation for our patients currently is not good. We have patients awaiting treatment, both on the NHS and privately, and as each day of the current crisis passes, the waiting lists get longer. 

Patients are ignoring symptoms and, as I write, avoiding seeing their GP or consultant until the lockdown is lifted and this may well lead to longer-term problems.

Anyone involved in healthcare wants to avoid this happening and there has been a growing demand to open hospitals and clinics so we can start to address this. 

Once this happens, we will enter an incredibly busy period as we treat patients as quickly as possible to avoid them waiting any longer than is necessary.

Private practice income has dropped to negligible levels in the last two months and, from a business perspective, this is devastating for many.

But things will get better quickly once private hospitals reopen and the lockdown is lifted. Private practice will see a rapid increase in activity levels. 

So, what do we need to do right now to protect our private practices? 

Here are my top tips for what to do now to ensure long term success: