Keep the cash flowing

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a surprise surge in private doctors’ billing and collection inquiries. Simon Brignall explains why.

To say that the Coronavirus crisis is proving challenging to many businesses is an understatement. 

Staffing issues and cash flow difficulties are common worries to many business owners and the independent healthcare sector is no exception. As I write this, the situation is changing daily, but I thought it would be beneficial to give some insight into what Medical Billing and Collection (MBC) has experienced so far.

Most companies have a disaster recovery plan and we responded to the developing situation by ensuring it was enacted promptly. The fact that our software and systems are cloud-based, as is our VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system, meant we could adapt to remote working without any drop in our service levels.  

We partner with more than 1,200 private providers and we are seeing a disparity in the way their practices are being impacted. The situation can vary widely due to specialty, location and the type of patient they treat.

Surprise factor

What has been most surprising is the number of inquiries we have continued to receive from all sectors of the market, including groups as well as independent consultants.