Watchdog visits suspended and revalidation dates eased

Independent practitioners are being advised that, although the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has postponed ratings inspections, doctors should ensure any changes to normal working patterns are clearly documented and risk-assessed for future reference.

All providers have welcomed the CQC’s decision to stop routine inspections.

Medical management consultant Martha Walker, of CQC, said: ‘Indepen­dent doctors have experienced staff shortages and increased patient requests due to Covid-19.  

‘Many doctors have changed working patterns, including conducting remote consultations and allowing administration staff to work from home. 

‘So knowing the added burden of Care Quality Commission inspections has been removed will be applauded.’

n The GMC said it was doing all it could to support doctors and employers on the front line, where patients needed them most.

Revalidation dates from 17 March to 30 September are deferred for a year.