Police need your help to solve RTA

‘Business Dilemmas’

Kathryn Leask

A doctor is asked to reveal the identity of a patient involved in a cycling accident. Kathryn Leask gives advice.






Dilemma 1

Do I reveal who my patient is? 

Q I work as a private dermatologist and today I received a visit from a detective constable who was investigating a road traffic incident that took place outside my clinic building yesterday.  

He explained that a cyclist had hit a pedestrian after cycling recklessly out of the clinic grounds and up the crowded pavement. The pedestrian had suffered a broken arm and cuts and bruises. 

The incident was witnessed by passers-by, but the cyclist rode away without stopping. I have looked at the CCTV from inside and outside the clinic and am satisfied the cyclist was a patient I saw that day. 

I have been asked to provide information to allow the police to identify the cyclist.

Should I disclose any information about him to the police?