Regional centre is the only hot spot

We continue our regional round-up of PPU progress with a review of private patient revenue growth for the NHS acute trusts across the north-east region covering the conurbations of Tyne and Wear and counties of Durham and Northumbria. Philip Housden reports.

The figures used here are from the most recently published 2018-19 annual accounts. For this regional group, the accounts show total private patient revenues fell 3.2% in 2018-19 to £6.03m, down from £6.33m in 2017-18.

This level of income represents a decrease to 0.18% of these trusts’ total patient-related activity revenues from 0.19% in 2017-18 and well below the 0.22% achieved in 2015-16.

These figures are also the lowest regional value in England and well below the combined national average outside of London in 2018-19 of 0.46%.