Juke shows nobility

Doctor on the Road: Nissan Juke

The Juke has upped its game. But can it beat its competitors? Dr Tony Rimmer reports.

We medics come across the full diversity of human characteristics both in physical terms and in personality and emotion. 

People differ wildly in their likes and dislikes and they never fail to surprise us. 

This can be a nightmare for businesses trying to appeal to most of a buying population. Car companies try to get it right all the time, but often it is trial and error that produces a popular model.

A case in point is the Nissan Juke, launched nearly ten years ago. It was the first small SUV to compete with conventional super-minis in this market sector. 

Buyers loved its chunky and characterful looks and it became an instant success. Naturally, it triggered the competition to develop similar models and many of them, like the Skoda Kamiq, have overtaken the small Nissan in a few key areas.  

It was time for the Juke to up its game without losing elements of its individuality and here we have the new second-generation model.