Ultimate stealth car

‘Doctor on the Road’: Tesla Model 3

Electrifying! Dr Tony Rimmer finds the new Tesla heads a class of one.

There comes a time in any private medical practice following significant investment of effort and money that a critical point will be reached. For the business to survive, there needs to be positive payback. 

This is also true for any car business, particularly if it is involved in cutting-edge technology like Tesla.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s long-awaited make-or-break car. Priced significantly lower than its Model S and Model X siblings, it is being produced in much larger numbers and is now available in the UK. So, has it been worth the wait and will it appeal to independent practitioners?

There are three versions available. The entry-level £39,499 Standard Range Plus has one 252bhp electric motor powering the rear wheels and WLTP range of 254 miles.