The year that NHS and private align?

The next few months will bring some big issues for the independent healthcare sector to consider. David Hare reports.

2019 proved to be a busy year for the independent healthcare sector with a big focus on patient safety and the further improvement of the medical governance model in the sector.

And, for the next few months, this work looks set to continue.Here are the big issues to look out for in the coming 12 months.

Just as Independent Practitioner Today went to press, we received the long awaited Bishop of Norwich’s report on the Ian Paterson case (see our special report at 

This horrific case, which saw hundreds of people in both NHS and independent hospitals being treated unnecessarily, has brought to light significant failings in how the NHS and the independent sector work together and share concerns on safety issues. 

Data alignment

One of the key themes arising from the report is around ensuring greater transparency and data alignment between the independent sector and NHS.