Make your window to the world transparent

Effective marketing starts with a good practice website that attracts new patients and shows why you are the right doctor to help them. Jason Ellis explains how to ensure your website is an asset and not a liability.

Any doctor setting up in private practice will probably have a website on their to-do list. But in a competitive field, a simple site displaying contact details and a profile is unlikely to stand out from the crowd and help your business grow.  

Equally, the internet is a fast-paced environment, so even if your practice website was state-of-the-art when it was launched a few years ago, it may well need an update to reflect changing tastes and technology. 

For example, it is increasingly important – for users and for search engine rankings – that websites can be viewed from a mobile device as well as a traditional desktop.  

This article is not an in-depth guide to digital marketing – a subject that could fill several books – but I will set out some of the basic questions you need to consider when planning and maintaining your practice website, including the ethical and legal aspects.  

What do I want to achieve?