Bupa recognises addiction service

Addiction treatment firm UKAT has received official recognition with insurer Bupa as the rate of ‘employed’ addicts seeking treatment rises.  

Addicts can now fund private residential rehabilitation treatment for all types of addictions and dependencies, including drug, alcohol, sex, internet and social media.

The collaboration is set to support ‘functioning addicts’; those still in employment but who are struggling everyday with a hidden addiction.

UKAT’s Nuno Albuquerque said it had treated professionals ranging from doctors, teachers and chief executives: ‘Hopefully, those who are currently suffering in silence at work can now get the expert help they need.’

The firm increasingly treats patients for addictions stemming from ‘stressful working lives’, most of them still working.

Bupa said: ‘Our purpose is longer, healthier, happier lives and we achieve this by recognising established healthcare providers like UKAT. 

‘Addiction is a crippling illness and one that is treatable with the right expert help and support.’

Those seeking help from UKAT through their Bupa insurance plan will be treated by Dr Mateen Durrani at its Essex-based rehabilitation centre, Sanctuary Lodge.