Learn how to counter the imitation game

Are they really who they say they are? Impersonation frauds are targeting medical practices. Vin Pandha continues her series on fighting fraud in the medical sector, explaining what to watch out for and what you can do.

Impersonation fraud techniques are used by criminals attempting to trick private doctors’ practices and surgeries into making payments to fraudulent accounts. 

Let’s look at the methods of deception used, which can make these scams very convincing.

Impersonation fraud, as the name suggests, is where a fraudster impersonates a genuine person or business and makes a request for their target victim to make a payment to what the victim does not realise is a fraudulent bank account. 

Fraudsters will impersonate anyone whom they think staff within the practice will trust to be genuine.  

From the practice manager to regular medical suppliers or government bodies, the fraudsters’ aim is to make the payment request seem as genuine as possible so that funds are sent without a second thought.

Common types of impersonation fraud