Where do you find the cash?

Money, money, money – Dr Lafina Diamandis shows how doctors can fund their property investment deals.

Not having enough money to invest in property is a common obstacle for people starting out. 

Most developers who have used up their own funds find money from elsewhere, which enables them to continue doing business and building new housing developments.

These sources of money could fund the deposit or the rest of the purchase, the refurbishment, legal fees or any other property cost:

Personal savings

You may be able to invest these in a property with or without mortgage finance. This may be through buying or controlling a property through lease options or rent to rent.

Equity release

If you’re already a homeowner and your property value has risen, you may be able to release equity through a mortgage or remortgaging, rather than obtaining it by selling your property. 

Using your pension to invest in property

It’s also possible to invest in commercial property using a self-invested personal pension (SIPP).

But take financial advice, as there are specific criteria and you should certainly have educated yourself
in property investment before taking any risks with your pension funds. 

Many people have realised that the returns they can make from property are far greater than the returns they can make from their pension.