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Collection complexity

Read Simon Brignall’s round-up of the pressures on doctors’ practices to get their billing and collection right and you will see why so many lose money if they try and do it themselves.

The history of private consultants, clinics and groups is littered with a long history of incorrect billing – and, sadly, it has been getting worse.

At Medical Billing and Collec­tion (MBC) we have recorded many examples of practices getting things wrong over the last 27 years or experiencing some very difficult issues in this field. 

But as a result of the many changes to billing processes, combined with the greater administrative workload that busy practices face daily, things are getting a lot tougher for more and more doctors. 

Most private consultants are typically running both an NHS and private practice, so they have considerable demands on their time. 

Working harder

On top of this, our data reveals that consultants are working harder to maintain the same income – the average value of the invoices we raise has reduced by 25% over the past ten years. 

We have seen how practice secretaries have had to manage a big increase in the volume of communication they receive from patients. In the past five years, this has rocketed.