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A very rewarding driver experience

‘Doctor on the Road’: Porsche 992

It’s a doctor’s favourite – but can the latest version of the iconic 911 live up to expectations? Dr Tony Rimmer couldn’t wait to find out…

If, as a private medical practitioner, you can create something groundbreaking and unique – a treatment, a service or a luxury clinic – then you and your practice will benefit both professionally and financially. 

Every business strives to reach the point where their brand is iconic. At that point, on-going demand from clients ensures fiscal stability and the potential to increase profit margins. 

As far as cars go, there are few real icons. There are even fewer that have remained in continuous production for over 50 years, albeit with constant updates. 

The Porsche 911 is one such icon and a favourite with us medics. So, can the latest iteration, the 992, live up to its exalted status? 

The newest 911 is a thorough development of the previous 991 version. The body is slightly larger and the chassis and body construction uses more aluminium and so the car is now lighter.

The engine is the same twin-turbo 3.0 litre flat-six as used in the later 991 models, but now has bigger turbochargers. In this S model, it produces 444bhp. 

There will be a base Carrera model in due course with slightly less power. As standard is a new eight-speed Porsche ‘double clutch’ (PDK) gearbox, although Porsche is promising the future availability of a manual box.