Succeed at real Monopoly

Seven myths that shouldn’t stop you from investing in property. Adapted from a new book by Dr Lafina Diamandis.

Some perceived challenges stop people in their tracks when they first start thinking about investing in property. 

Unfortunately for many people I meet at my property courses and events, these challenges plus a fear and a lack of relevant education delay them getting started for many years. This includes me. 

If only I’d had the necessary knowledge and advice when I was in university. I could have started investing much earlier, quit the part-time jobs I had and taken advantage of other opportunities, instead. 

You’re not alone. Forget the past, don’t compare yourself to others and start from where you are without any regret or self-judgment. You can succeed.

I recently heard Jamil Qureshi, a performance psychologist who has trained some of the world’s most successful athletes, speak at a novel property developers’ club of which I’m a member. His talk was centred around how our thoughts translate to feelings which translate to actions and how the internal dialogue we continuously have with ourselves can hugely affect our performance. 

Avoiding risk

Many people’s actions may be focused on moving away from negative situations or avoiding risk rather than considering the possibility of success or what would happen if they succeeded.

Jamil told a story of a great footballer who was amazing at taking penalties. Every time he took a penalty, he asked himself the same question repeatedly while he ran up to kick the ball and only answered it just before kicking. Will I run left or right after I score the penalty? Scoring was a given.