Entry level does not mean boring

‘Doctor on the Road’: Audi A1

Dr Tony Rimmer tests an upmarket supermini from a premium brand.

Any independent practitioner knows that the reputation of their practice relies on all aspects of their services, both major and minor, being delivered at the highest level of quality. Attention to detail at all levels is vital.

This is also true for any carmaker. The smallest and cheapest models in the range must uphold the values of the brand as much as the bigger and more expensive models.

The A1 is the entry-level car in Audi’s current range and this all-new and latest iteration has a five-door-only body shell sitting on the ubiquitous VW Group floor pan as used for the Volkswagen Polo, among other sister cars. 

Being an Audi, it is placed in the premium sector of the car market and is unapologetically taking aim at MINI’s five-door models.

More adventurous

With this rival in mind, the styling is now more adventurous and there are new bright colour options available, some with a contrasting black roof.