Use your content to grow your practice

Private Practice Growth Guide

The Private Practice Growth Guide is designed to give independent practitioners the knowledge and tools they need to develop their private practice.

Whether you are an experienced private doctor or finding your feet, this series will serve as a helpful guide to the exciting, and sometimes confusing, world of healthcare marketing.

This month: Content marketing – Jane Braithwaite shows what it is and why you need it.

If you have been reading our previous articles in The Private Practice Growth Guide series, you will be familiar with traditional marketing techniques and will have a firm grasp on digital marketing strategies. 

Content marketing is a very different beast and varies from other marketing strategies. You are not seeking to push your product on your audience, but instead you need to connect with potential patients.

Invest some hours to help, support and educate them, and wait for them to seek out your services at their time of need and when they are ready to book.

It may at first seem counterproductive; after all, if the audience needs you, why haven’t they already found you? Haven’t you been told to be proactive and chase leads?

Sowing the seeds 

The answer is deceptively simple: you are sowing the seeds that will eventually bloom into a dedicated audience who will actively seek out your services and fill your clinics.