PPU recovery is the heart of the matter

Private patient services in the 13 NHS trusts delivering acute care across East Anglia come under Philip Housden’s spotlight this month.

Figures from the 2017-18 published annual accounts for this group of trusts show that total private patient revenues grew by 5.9% from £25.3m to £26.8m over the previous year.  

This now represents 0.7% of these trusts’ total revenues, which is a return to the 2013-14 levels. The combined national average outside of London is 0.48%.   

Leading the region by revenues is Royal Papworth, near Cam­bridge, with private patient income in 2017-18 of £8.15m, down £834,000 on the £8.98m achieved in 2016-17 and representing a small decline from 6.63% to 6.07% of total trust incomes.  

As the UK’s largest cardio­thoracic hospital, Papworth has a distinctive edge and focus, ensuring that the brand can stand out sufficiently to support local, reg­ional and international demand for private patients.