Is your brand working for you?

New series: Creating a great consumer experience

Shops have lessons for private practice

Our new series by Nick Butcher and Dr Nick Hayward considers the role of design in healthcare environments and how it can be used to positively affect user experiences, create loyalty and ultimately improve organisational and patient outcomes.

Developments in science, technology and design over the past decade have shaped the way we live our lives and, more importantly, our expectations. 

Whether we are out shopping, visiting an entertainment centre or attending a GP appointment, the level of customer experience that we now expect is on the rise. 

And it is not just retailers that have to work harder to meet and exceed these expectations. The healthcare sector is growingly under the same spotlight. 

Medical advances may be better than ever, but GPs, hospitals, dental clinics and cosmetic surgeries are holding themselves back by far too often failing to offer a sufficiently clear, enjoyable experience for patients and visitors.

In the last 20 years, we have seen an extraordinary level of change in retail at Beyond London, our branding and design agency working primarily in retail and consumer environments.