Doctor partners pay for scannner

By a staff reporter

The UK’s first private PET CT scanner in an independent hospital outside London has been opened in Surrey through a unique partnership between 11 consultant investors, BMI Healthcare and Incorporated Health.

(From left) Prof Stephen Langley, Dr Steve Whittaker, Dr Sharadah Essapen, Dr Anthony Neal, Dr Veni Ezhil, Dr Tony Dhillon, Prof Hardev Pandha and Dr Katie Wood. Directors Dr Tony Lopez and Catherine Lopez are on the far right

The Guildford scanner is facilitated by consultant interventional radiologist Dr Tony Lopez, director of The Imaging Clinic Ltd.  

The company says it facilitates engagement by consultant users in a way compliant with the Competition and Markets Auth­ority (CMA) – which banned inducements – and balances financial risk and reward, while making the installation of such expensive and rarely-available equipment a reality.