Dating an ex-patient

Dr Kathryn Leask

The ethics of a potential relationship between a doctor and their former patient is explored by Dr Kathryn Leask





Dilemma 1

Shall I meet with former patient?

QA former patient whom I had treated for a minor skin disorder asked me to sponsor her to take part in a charity trek to raise money for cancer research.

I was happy to oblige because when I treated her a few years ago, she had been badly affected by the recent death of her younger brother and I knew it was a cause that meant a lot to her.

After completing the challenge, she contacted me again to say thanks for the generous donation and suggested we meet for coffee so she can tell me about her adventures.

I would like to take up this invitation and I admit I am attracted to her but I am worried about the ethical implications.

What would you advise or am I reading too much into this?