Converted to this brutal convertible

‘Doctor on the Road’: BMW 8 Series convertible

You only live once, so if you are highly successful and love quality then the all-new BMW 8 Series convertible will have you beaming, says Dr Tony Rimmer.

If you are a successful independent practitioner and you like cars, then there are a few obvious candidates for the premium brand that you are likely to buy yourself as a treat for all your hard work.

The German makes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes fit the bill, as they all offer models of various types and at different price-points. 

If you are particularly successful, then you might well be looking at the more expensive sporty models and BMW has just released its latest contender to whet your appetites.

The all-new 8 Series convertible joins the coupé to complete the top level of BMW’s sporty range. With prices starting from £83,295, this four-seat drop-top GT competes with the Mercedes S-Class convertible and Bentley’s albeit pricier Continental CTC.

Costing £7,000 more than the coupé equivalents, it is initially available with two engine options; a 3.0litre straight-six diesel producing 320bhp in the 840d and a 4.4litre V8 producing a meaty 530bhp in the M850i.