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Up to date on revalidation?

Mr Ian Mackay, Responsible Officer for the Independent Doctors Federation, gives Independent Practitioner Today readers an update on revalidation following Sir Keith Pearson’s review.

In January 2017, the GMC published Sir Keith Pearson’s independent review of revalidation entitled Taking revalidation forward. In response to this, a Revalidation Oversight Group was established with representation from many groups including the independent sector.  

The conclusions of this group were encapsulated in a November 2018 report entitled ‘Taking reval­idation forward: Working with others to improve revalid­ation’. This aims to help doctors understand what is, and what is not, required for revalidation, to improve the appraisal experience and to reduce the burden for doctors.

One of Sir Keith’s big concerns related to patient feedback and his recommendation was: ‘The GMC should work with stakeholders to identify a range of measures by which to track the impact of revalidation on patient care and safety over time.’