Raising the bar with this stylish saloon

Doctor on the Road: Peugeot 508

In a world where plain-looking SUVs seem to dominate the family car market, Dr Tony Rimmer finds it refreshingly enjoyable to drive a new entry into the medium saloon/hatchback market.

There have been many changes in medical practice over the years and new procedures, activities and services we doctors offer may be partially influenced by vogues and fashions in the sphere of scientific advancement. 

However, once they are established as normal practice, they lose the appeal of individuality.

In the world of cars, consider the ubiquitousness of the SUV as the now normal choice for family transport. 

Not so long ago, we all drove around in saloon cars, hatchbacks or estates. Currently, these body styles make up a really small proportion of new car sales. Peugeot means to challenge this with its all-new 508 model.