Check list for patients

Have you checked your consultant’s profile on PHIN’s website? 

On their profile, you will be able to see how many of a procedure they have performed in the last year, their typical fees and whether they treat patients under a package price. You can also compare their fees with the typical fees charged in your region. 

Has your consultant outlined the fee for the initial consultation and diagnostic tests? 

Your consultant is required by law to outline the price for the initial consultation in writing before you attend. If any diagnostic tests are required during your initial consultation, your consultant should outline these costs during the appointment. 

Has your consultant outlined their fees for your treatment? 

Your consultant is required by law to outline their total expected fee for all diagnostic tests and treatment in writing following the initial consultation. If they have not done this, you should let the hospital know and ask for a letter that sets out the fees clearly. 

Have you checked the terms and conditions to see what is and is not included in the price you have been quoted? 

The features covered in the price you have been quoted will differ by hospital and consultant. This is true for a package price or pay-per-service price. You should check with both the consultant and hospital what is included in the price, along with any additional costs you may be liable to pay.