A week in the life of a bill chaser

With increasing numbers of private doctors seeking help to recover fees and prevent future shortfalls, Independent Practitioner Today asked Simon Brignall to keep a diary about the variety of issues he deals with for consultant clients. 


An early start to the week and the familiar sight of traffic congestion on the M25, but I still make my 8am appointment. 

I am meeting with a cardiologist who has a common billing problem. He has been referred by a colleague who uses us. 

He explains that since his practice secretary retired a few years back, he has had a series of secretaries and is concerned that the billing and chasing has gone awry. His last secretary was often off sick before finally resigning. 

The final straw was when his new secretary realised the billing had not been raised for several months.

It is obvious the lack of continuity has cost the practice. Most importantly, I let him know that we can help. He is clearly relieved and asks me to meet his new secretary to discuss how she will be sending us the data for the unraised billing and the outstanding invoices. 

I leave at 9.30am with all the paperwork signed, so we can get to work as soon as possible.

Back at our office late morning, I have a hand-over meeting with the account manager who will be taking the practice through our ‘Intensive Care’ process.