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Patient’s father is very rude

‘Business Dilemmas’

Dr Kathryn Leask

Dr Kathryn Leask advises what to do before ending a professional relation­ship with a patient






Dilemma 1

Can I take father off practice list?

Q I have been seeing a family with two children who have been my patients for the last couple of years. The father has always been difficult to deal with, is very demanding and can be quite intimidating. 

One of the children has developed asthma which has resulted in the need for them to attend more regularly. There have been a number of occasions when the father has accompanied the child and has been verbally abusive and rude to both myself and the reception staff. 

He has unrealistic expectations as to what treatment the child can have and makes unreasonable requests at reception. I am considering ending my professional relationship with the family due to the ongoing problems we are having. 

What would you advise?