A hybrid in more ways than one

‘Doctor on the Road’: Porsche Panamera 4 e-hybrid

For independent practitioners who want some of the urban benefits of electric motoring but still enjoy sporty driving on the open road, this car could possibly be the answer. Our motoring correspondent Dr Tony Rimmer reports.

Brand association is something that independent practitioners should perhaps take more notice of. 

If your clinic has close ties with renowned centres of academic research and learning, then you should tell your clients. They will be impressed and more likely to use your services.

Porsche Panameras at Brands Hatch racing circuit

For example, Porsche – known for success on the race-track – uses its new five-door Panamera as the Doctor’s car at 911 Carrera Cup events. Public exposure and association like this is priceless and is helping the company sell its saloon models alongside its pure sports cars.

Porsche’s first official foray into the premium saloon marketplace was in 2009 with the launch of the original Panamera. Production of this large premium sports hatch was quite a risk from a company with an unimpeachable history of making sports cars like the Boxster and the iconic 911.