A guide to take you to the top

New series: Private practice growth guide

The Private Practice Growth Guide is designed to give independent practitioners the knowledge and tools they need to develop their private practice.

Whether you are an experienced independent practitioner or are new to private practice, this series by Jane Braithwaite will serve as a helpful guide to the exciting, and sometimes confusing, world of healthcare marketing.

Across the six-article series, we will explore the roles of marketing strategies, social media, content marketing, email marketing and using analytics to know and grow your audience. But first we start with the basics…

Welcome to Medical Marketing 101: how to start, grow and scale your practice

Take a seat and pay attention, because this short course in healthcare marketing will provide a glossary and understanding of terms and themes we will build on across the series. 

By the end of this article, you will know your ABCs from your B2Cs, gain an awareness of digital and traditional marketing practices and understand the importance of targeting the right audience for your product and services. 

And if you have experience in this field already, you will find it a helpful refresher.